MDA and ASC sedation / regional - is presence in OR required at all times ?

Started by Alexandro, December 18, 2011, 08:13:22 PM

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Hi, everybody:
I am a 2010 graduate with 1 yr of hospital anesthesia experience.
I have recently signed up with an anesthesia group, providing coverage at ASCs, mostly light sedation and local / regional.
My area of concern - is that  mode of operation is to do almost everything ( blocks, sedation ) outside of OR , an anesthesiologist is never physically present inside the OR through the case.
Some of the anesthesiologists mark billable time as time spent with  the patient in the pre-operative area ( while case goes in OR with no anesthesiologist in the OR) , some mark  billable time when patient is in the OR ( while anesthesiologist is physically in pre-operative area ).
It is very confusing to me - as I was taught that ASA standards require anesthesiologist to be physically present in the OR throughout the case, regardless of the complexity of the case and / or ASA status of the patient.
When I have addressed my concerns with senior partners - I was told " in is OK in NY and NJ to do it this way".
I still doubt it is though.
Can you help me with appropriate references to ASA regulations or any applicable regulatory docs - to make it sure once and for all - if such practice is acceptable or not.
Thank you all for your help.