prone spinal anaesthesia

Started by MAGRO, March 14, 2007, 09:20:23 PM

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Is there Anyone who perform spinal anaesthesia in the prone position?

spinal anaesthesia
3 (37.5%)
prone position
5 (62.5%)

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I've performed spinal anaesthesia in the prone position in 60 patients for the spine surgery (i.e. lumbar disk erniation).
I 'ld like to discuss about this personal technique



how are your results,did prone position affact the durstion of the block?
I've performed spinal anaesthesia in the prone position in 60 patients for the spine surgery (i.e. lumbar disk erniation).
I 'ld like to discuss about this personal technique


My results confirm the personal opinion that subaracnoid anaesthesia is better tolerated when performed in the prone position than in the other usual known.
In this field I suggest everybody to chek the possibility to realize this simply tecnique.
More information about in the next congress on this topic.


This is really smthing new n xciting! wud luv to know more about it.


Hello.I'm an italian anaesthesiologist,I took advantage for my revised prone spinal aanesthesia tecnique from my experience in the field of neurosurgery and spine surgery.
I'd like to be invited in scientific meetings to show my tecnique and the results.If u know te way please contact me.
The tecnique requires a god knowledge of anesthetica properties and a god experience in the spinal anaestesia .
I'd like to know in which institution uyou are gettin' your pratice.
many regards


I really find this idea new and exciting! but still i doubt its superiority over the epidural block which will give excellant post-op pain relief also. I am working in India as a faculty in Government Medical College and wud like to know about the merits of this technique.


Yes, We have performed Spinal Anaesthesia in three patients, where it was very difficult to give spinal due to technical difficulties. For example, two were very obese and could not get any bearings to give spinal and one was a case of Polio deformity. We used a C- arm TV and under vesion we could give it.

Krishnendu Chaudhuri

Do you mean spinal anaesthesia for surgery in the prone position? I've done that. But I gave the spinal in lateral position


Prone spinal anaesthesia can be realized also for proctology surgery (perianal fistula) when the patient operative position required is the prone.
Try to do it and the patient with acute pain will be very satisfied and will give many compliments ti you.


Hello everyone.i,m iranian our hospital we perform pron position spinal a. for all of pilonidal cyct surgeries.

In this technique at first,we  position the patient in prone position then use 1µg/kg fentanyl+1-2mg midazolam as premed.Then we use often paramedian approach for needle insertion.i use ketamin in analgesic dose after midazolam premed. In some of cases.
I don,t use pron position SA. For disk herniation surgery.plz tell us more about this technique.


those methods all can suit in operation, based on your technology


well i am from Gujarat ,
and to my knowledge no one practice lumbar puncture in prone position.
spinal anesthesia is used for PCNL (percutaneous nephro lithotomy) , but LP is done in lateral or sitting position.
kindly give more details about technique and reference from literature if available .
can be of great help in such patients


Complete information and detail will be reported during ESRA MEETING in SALERNO (ITALY) the next October.


I tried spinal anaesthesia in prone position after giving GA and then given a prone position. I just want to know whether CSF flows on its own or you have to aspirate to check. I had to aspirate. It worked well too.