Regional Anesthesia Pocket Guide

Started by gastech79, August 01, 2011, 02:38:55 PM

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Hey guys,

my residency director distributed this guide a few weeks ago to everyone at my program at its great!  it fits into my scrub pockets and has actual diagrams along with indications and complications with each of the major nerve blocks.  You guys should definately check it out


i work at an orthopedic hospital and I purchased this guide a few months ago. I can tell you this thing is great!!! I do all my blocks with this guide right in front of me and it gives me the best info. I routinely use it for infraclvicular and for poplietal bec its hard for me to remember the landmarks for them.

For my residents, I tell them routinely that if they just memorize the info on these cards, they'll be set for the boards!! I'm not kidding, EVERYTHING u need to know about regional anesthesia is in these cards!  :D



thanks for your post.  yes, a lot of orthopedic centers are buying are guide, some even attaching it to their anesthesia machines.  they r extremely helpful for individuals seeking to do these blocks on a regular basis