Regional Anaesthesia for laparoscopic surgeries

Started by yogenbhatt1, July 06, 2010, 04:25:03 PM

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Hi all,
A lot is written and opposed about regional anaesthesia for laparoscopic surgeries.
In fact, a lot of people use regional anaesthesia during Lap Choles, Lap Hysterectomies, Myomectomies, Appendicectomis and so on.
It is done under regional blocks for variety of reasons. May be need based, as in low economy patients or areas, may be drugs or materials are not available, or may be the patient does not deserve GA due to physical or medical problems.
All the same all of us have done the cases under Regional.
Is it that we have done something Illegal?
If anything happens, nothing can protect us?
IN short, is there enough evidence to do lap surgeries under regional blocks?
Can we not create evidence?
Enough is done and no one presents these cases in Journals and Conferences, for many unknown reasons.
Can we all, together bring it in black and white and make the whole thing safer for those who are regularly practicing and us who occasionally practice it. 
Not very easy, but if all of us start reporting it in articles and local meets, it is a question of time.
May be some of our teachers and seniors can give us guidelines to make a presentation.