sevoflurane abuse

Started by Lastpuff, September 23, 2014, 09:57:53 PM

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There a chap who has acquired a 250ml bottle of sevoflurane. he plans to put about 10ml on an handkerchief and inhale it. I tried to dissuade him however he refuses to listen. i tried to find ( on the internet ) what is a safe amount and wont kill him, however the information is very scanty, and whatever is available is a) too technical and b) talks about how it is administered with O2 and in operation theater conditions.
It would help me immensely if someone ( a healthcare professional) could tell , is 10ml put on a cloth and inhaled a safe amount ?
any other information would also be appreciated.


You will go unconscious, perhaps fall to the ground and get a head injury your blood pressure will drop to dangerous levels, and your breathing may become obstructed. You could die. Don't do it.

neelam nalge

Sevoflurance is extremely potent drug.It is dangerous in expert hands also.complication include death.don't use it casually.