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Started by gasman, February 23, 2006, 03:17:50 AM

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Welcome to Gasbag.net.

This is a member-based discussion forum for all things related to anesthesia. It is open to all practitioners of anesthesia from anywhere in the world.

If you are just starting at this forum, you should check out the  files. Here you will find out how to register, edit your profile, post topics, read topics, and do nifty things like get email notification of selected topics, send personal messages (PMs) to other members, and upload pictures and other files to the forum.

Forum Etiquette:
All members are free to ask for opinions and post topics to the forum. Please keep posts on-topic (that is, relating to anesthesia).

Feel free to disagree with any point of view expressed but please refrain from making personal insults or disparaging remarks about any members. This is called flaming and is viewed as a violation of forum rules. If you do spot a post that is insulting/sexist/racist/personal or otherwise offensive, please report it to the moderator by clicking on the "Report to Moderator" link at the lower right of each post.

Use Smilies liberally. On text-based forums, such as this, posts can sometimes be misinterpreted as insulting, because we are not able to see the members face and therefore judge his/her mood. Smilies are the little emotion-icons   that help you express your non-verbal cues when posting. They are invaluble for clarifying posts that could otherwise be misconstrued as negative.

Enjoy the forum. I hope this forum will be of benefit to the entire international anesthesia community.

Rob Lang