Propofol for endoscopy sedation... where is the anesthesiology data?

Started by CAP, June 12, 2013, 04:56:25 AM

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A large part of my practice involves providing sedation for GI endoscopy and our physician group mainly uses propofol as a sole agent for sedation.  I suspect this is a common practice as anesthesia providers are becoming more involved in the GI endoscopy sedation.  However,  I cannot find any anesthesiology "endorsed" or printed information from the ASA or any anesthesia related journals specifically addressing or reviewing the dosing guidelines for propofol in this setting.  Nor can I find any outcome studies from an anesthesia standpoint using this particular technique.  There are tons of articles and guidelines from the gastroenterology provider side, most of it not favorable for anesthesiologist administered sedation.

Can anyone please direct me to right resources?