child with URTI

Started by kalpesh shah, August 11, 2010, 06:52:40 AM

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kalpesh shah

what is the practical guidelines for child with URTI...

how many days we should postpond..
what investigations are useful to make child fit...????
only running nose but no cough.....what to do ????


Text books say that a child who has URI continues to have reactive airway for 4 -6 weeks and hence surgery needs to be postponed.
These guidelines are hardly practiced by anaesthetists in private practice. They have a pretty good success rate.

Also any child not feed from morning and in anxiety can cry and can have a runny nose. This should not be wrongly interpreted as URTI
Child with cough, fever and sniffles needs to be carefully evaluated and elective surgery postponed ( I dont wait for 6 weeks. Maybe symptom free 1 week ).
But be prepared to avoid stimulating or instrumenting the airway in lighter plane


kalpesh shah

Hello sir,,
    how to deal with high eosinophil count ?????


not significant
Just ignore
High Eosinophil count may indicate lingering infection
If at operative site, it can make tissues friable ( As in MS)
that is the surgeons problem
you just watch the bleeding carefully


does high eosinophil count warrant use of avil before elective cases does a course of DEC help.