distinct side effact of epidural

Started by kalpesh shah, November 18, 2009, 02:50:49 AM

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kalpesh shah

i have come across two pt who had some differant complain after epidural analgesia for labour.
both the pt where given CSE for labour analgesia, and delivered normally.
Epidural catheter was removed after 12 hr of delivary. on 5 th day pt had complain of back ache which is at the level of epidural insertion site and at the same time sharpe shooting type of pain radiating to lower limb as well as to neck( current like sudden sensation radiating from back to upwards and downwards both.)
this felling is for the moment and it stops by it's own.
it typically happened for once or twice in the day. not related to any posture. and with advice of some extra rest for two day, it dissappear permanently.
any comment????????????????