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Hi all...
We have a plastic surgeon at our facility that has been recently adding longer and longer, multi-procedure cases.
An example would be:
1- Abdominoplasty
2- Liposuction of the flanks and thighs
3- Submental (Neck) Liposuction
4- Rhinoplasty
5- Blepharoplasty

Takes about 5 to 7 hours.
Patients are usually female with BMI's of 35+, between 40-60 years old, ASA 2 at most (typically HTN).

Anesthesia is GETA, Desflurane, Fentanyl.  He does put in a pain pump for the abdominoplasty. 

Just to get an idea, based on the above info, what would be your minimum recovery time before discharging the patient HOME.  Assuming DC criteria are met in that amount of time.

Would love to hear you opinions and similar experiences.