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Author Topic: off label propofol administration  (Read 2781 times)

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off label propofol administration
« on: June 26, 2009, 03:46:39 AM »
I've used propofol after surgical intervention of knee prothesis in a patient with confusion and cognitive impairment.
It seemed to me like an episode of delirium.
The patient was at bed and previous attempt to sedate him by administering drugs like diazepam,midazolam,gardenale,failed.
The operation was started at 9 under spinal anesthesia and was performed in 90 minutes.
7 hours later tehe patient was resteless, agitated,and confabulating and tired to get up from the bed.
After the 2 hours og observation at bed I used propofol 100mg (1,7 mg/Kg),without clinical problems and the result was patient was calm .
I 'ld like to know if some analogous report exist in literature and if the other described use off label of propofol,
Thank you for your answer.

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